Seligman-Chicotsky House – Weatherford

167 1102 E. Weatherford Street, Seligman-Chicotsky House, c. 1906. This large, turn-of-the-century house was built for Oscar Seligman, president of the National Liquor Co. In 1926, Seligman sold the property to Moses J. Chicotsky who operated the Kosher Market and Delicatessen, a forerunner of today’s Chicotsky’s Fine Foods. Chicotsky occupied the house until 1943. Of irregular plan with intersecting gabled roofs, the house was prominently situated on one of the central business district’s major traffic arteries. Although some of the detailing had been stripped away in later years, the house still retained decorative patterning and brackets in the gable end and a fine stained glass window on the porch. The house has been demolished, but this listing is retained in the survey for documentary purposes.

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