St. Louis Railway/Printing Center – Fifth

701 E. Fifth Street, St. Louis Southwestern Railway of Texas (Cotton Belt Route) Freight Depot/Printing Center, 1914.15; 1981-82.  Located just north of the old Cotton Belt Route tracks and east of the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe tracks, this freight depot was constructed in 1914-15 as part of a major freight terminal expansion project undertaken by the Cotton Belt railroad.  When the freight facility was built, the railroad’s passenger service was quartered in the Union Depot on Jones Street.  The Cotton Belt Route used this freight facility until the mid1930s.  Sproles Transfer & Storage and Acme Fast Freight were the two major tenants in the facility between the mid-1930s and the 1970s.  The facility is presently used as the Printing Center. The structure consists of a two-story brick building attached to a long one-story brick warehouse. An addition was constructed behind the warehouse in 1981-82.

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