Teas House – Valley Ridge

This prominent, two and one-half story house, faced in brick painted white, is designed in a Colonial Revival style suggestive of Mount Vernon. The design was the work of architect Victor Marr Curtis for Byrne & Luther, Inc.. A full, two-story, shed-roofed portico stretches across the front elevation, supported by six monumental boxed columns; above is an ornamental wood balustrade. The symmetrical composition is complemented by three gabled dormers on the gable roof, flanked by chimneys on each gable end. A projecting wing on the west leads to a garage wing, set perpendicular to the main house. The rear elevation of the house features a finely executed Palladian window on the second floor, affording a vista over the extensive parcel. A substantial, one-story addition has been constructed recently on the grounds at the rear of the house. The dwelling was constructed as a family residence for Samuel Augustus Teas, Proprietor of Head, Teas & Company, a Fort Worth insurance firm founded in 1910.

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