Warner House – Goldenrod

This single story, stucco clad house is a particularly successful adaptation of the Mission Revival style to a modem house. Built in 1930, the house is designed as a series of projecting and recessed Mission style parapets. A low wall and segmental arch Mission parapet with a wrought iron gate enclose a small front courtyard. The simple forms and planar surfaces of the cream-colored stucco wails create a subtle play of light and shade. The mature trees and vegetation of the surrounding yard further enhance the quiet beauty of this unique house. According to the current owner, Carl T Warner, the original owner, was a masonry contractor who worked on the Buccaneer Hotel in Galveston and the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells. Warner reportedly replicated interior fixtures from the hotels for the living and dining rooms of his house. Mr. Warner hired contractor John F Wingo to assist with the construction of the house.

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