Y.M.C.A. Building/ Amon Carter, Jr. Downtown Y.M.C.A – 512 Lamar Street

512 Lamar Street [NR*/CFO(NR)], Y.M.C.A. Building/ Amon Carter, Jr. Downtown Y.M.C.A., 1924-25; 1968; c. 1979-80; 1985.  The Y.M.CA. Building, opened to the public in April, 1925, was designed by Wiley G. Clarkson & Co. and built by Harry B. Friedman.  Elizabeth Scott, widow of Winfield Scott, was persuaded by Amon G. Carter, Sr. to donate the site of the old Scott homestead for the building.  It is a restrained, classically inspired building constructed of reinforced concrete and brick on a limestone and marble base.  Most of the interior has been altered with a few notable exceptions such as the old tiled swimming pool.  A one and one-half story annex was added to the west of the main building in 1968.  The building’s original wood sash windows were replaced with fixed pane metal windows about 1979-80. A second addition, constructed to the north of the main building in 1985, included a new swimming pool, a gymnasium, and handball courts.  Larry Foxworth with Hahnfield Associates was the architect for the addition and Cadenhead Construction Co. was the general contractor.  The Y.M.CA. complex was renamed to honor longtime supporter Amon Carter, Jr. in 1985.  Pending assessment of its architectural integrity, the Y.M.CA. Building may be individually eligible for the National Register.  It is also a contributor to the potential Central Business District Clubs and Fraternal Organizations National Register Thematic Group.

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