Fuller House

Fuller House, 4167 Charron Lane
This geometric masterpiece is the design of internationally-acclaimed Los Angeles architect A. Quincy Jones, with original décor by another L.A. luminary, William Haines, who started his career as a Hollywood actor. This is one of just two Fort Worth homes built by the architect, who was most famous for his work around L.A. The Fullers entertained many motion picture celebrities inside the house, with names including Jimmy Stewart and Joan Crawford. With one addition shortly after the house was built, today the house measures 8,400 square feet. The home was commissioned by oilman Andrew Fuller in 1953 to boast one specific shape per room. Each room in the house features a different geometric shape including circles, trapezoids, and even rhombuses. The house fell into disrepair in more recent years, ending up on HFW’s Endangered List in 2012 and even facing demolition threats before the home was purchased in 2012 and a full rehabilitation was begun.
Originally built on 17 acres above Edgehill Road in the Ridglea neighborhood, the Fuller House now sits on 2.5 acres surrounded by newer homes built in the 1980s and ’90s. The original house had only two bedrooms, although a garage was later converted to add two more. Six decades later, the woodwork is still remarkable, even after water damage. Because the home was unoccupied for years and the utilities were shut off, it needed extensive work to repair water damage to ceilings, floors, and wiring. Now fully restored, entire walls of glass offer a view of the enormous back yard, with its 50-foot-long swimming pool, and the home has reclaimed its mid-century magnificence.
HFW 2015 Cantey Lecture & Preservation Awards photographed Thursday, September 24, 2015 at The Fort Worth Community Arts Center. Photography by Bruce E. Maxwell.


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