James Roberson House

James Roberson House: 1960                5716 Winifred Drive

Historic Designations:                    None

Project by:                               Owner James Roberson, BS in Architecture

Featured:                               * Included on HFW’s 2017 Endangered List as an example of why Wedgewood matters 

                                        * Built by former Mayor Bayard Friedman

Nominated by:                             Brandon Wilson, UCLA music professor

Councilmember:                            The Honorable Jungus Jordan


This moderately-priced Wedgwood neighborhood was developed in the 1960’s and 1970’s and was distinguished by its street names, almost all beginning with the letter W. What few have recognized in Wedgwood’s volume of California-inspired, contemporary residences, some that were designed by architectural firms in Fort Worth like Kneer & Hamm. The house at 5716 Winifred Drive was built by former Fort Worth mayor Bayard H. Friedman not long before his election in 1963.  

In 2017 Brandon Wilson of LA nominated Wedgwood for Fort Worth’s Most Endangered List and cited the house at 5716 Winifred Drive as an example of what could be lost without enlightenment from others.  Since then, James Roberson UT Austin Bachelor of Architectural Studies, completed the restoration of this Kneer & Hamm-designed residence.  

HFW Inc. 2019 Preservation Awards & Cantey Lecture photographed Thursday, September 26, 2019 . Friend of James who stepped in for him and Brenda Sanders-Wise. Photography by Bruce E. Maxwell.

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