Tucker-McDermott House

Tucker-McDermott House: 1910             1831 Fairmount Avenue

Historic Designations:                   Fairmount NR and Local Historic Districts

Owners& Restorers:                       Mike and Stan Tucker-McDermott

Built by:                                Charles Butcher, master carpenter

Nominated by:                            Martin Dahl

Councilmember:                           The Honorable Ann Zadeh

Vacant for about ten years when purchased, 1831 Fairmount was once owned by an unscrupulous man who carried notes on loans for the house, then foreclosed on them under technicalities, apparently illegally.  He did this to four homeowners from around 1990 through the early 2000s, and he is now serving time in Houston for his crimes. 

The house at 1831 Fairmount Avenue was built by Charles Butcher, a carpenter/builder.  Eventually, Mr. Butcher formed a partnership with Robert C. Sweeney and together as Butcher and Sweeney, they built Arlington Heights High School, Polytechnic High School, Nash Elementary School, and the previous TCU Stadium.  Like the Grunhild-Weber House at 1404 S. Adams that was donated to HFW in 2002, it and 1831 Fairmount are both Wilson Bungalow catalog homes, mail order plans from a California designer.  This house was lovingly restored by Mike and Stan Tucker-McDermott.  

HFW Inc. 2019 Preservation Awards & Cantey Lecture photographed Thursday, September 26, 2019 . Stan Tucker-McDermott, Brenda Sanders Wise, and Michael Tucker-McDermott. Photography by Bruce E. Maxwell.

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