East 4th Street House and Apartments

House and Apartments: House: 1921 & Apartments: 1940         1500 block of East 4th Street  

Historic Designation:                                        None

Owned by:                                                    Kent Riibe

Project by:                                                  Kent Riibe

Nominated by:                                                Sarah Walker, who grew up near the properties

Councilmember:                                              The Honorable Kelly Allen Gray


These charming buildings are all that remain in what was once a thriving African-American, early 20th century neighborhood called the Rock Island Bottom, or “The Bottom.”  Within the shadow of the Purina Plant and tucked between I-35W and the Trinity River’s West Fork, the community was named for the nearby tracks of the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroads.  Today, only a white stucco house and a small apartment complex that started out as a motel are standing.  Those who lived in this close-knit community owned shotgun houses, established African-American businesses, and looked out for each other’s children. 

HFW Inc. 2019 Preservation Awards & Cantey Lecture photographed Thursday, September 26, 2019 .  Sarah Walker and Brenda Sanders-Wise. Photography by Bruce E. Maxwell.

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