Sellers House – Circle Park

Louis B. Sellers, a driver for the North Fort Worth Ice and Cold Storage Co., resided in this wood-framed house as early as 1907; he purchased the property in 1911. The simple L-plan house has a three-sided projecting bay with decorative shingling in the gable end. A half porch with turned posts is original, although … Read more

House – Circle Park

Kennerley Robey, chief engineer of Fort Worth Stock Yards Co. and later civil engineer for city flood control, purchased several adjoining lots fronting on Boulevard in 1906 and 1912. The Robey family home was at 1420 Boulevard, later called Circle Park Boulevard. Apparently constructed as a rental or servant’s house, this small structure was first … Read more

Furey House – Circle Park

A frame house was constructed at this site as early as 1903, but this brick-veneered bungalow appears to date from c.1925. Atiled, transverse gable roof covers afull entry porch and a porte-cochere, while three cross gables highlight the roof form. The property was first owned by Mary Furey.

Boulevard Christian Church – Circle Park

This church was erected in 1923 to house the Boulevard Christian Church congregation. It replaced an earlier structure, and materials from the earlier church were reused in the present building. The simple, wood-framed church has a rectangular plan and a jerkinhead gable roof over naive renditions of Gothic windows. In 1956, me congregation relocated to … Read more

North Fort Worth Baptist Church – Circle Park

Followers of the North Fort Worth Baptist Church congregated at a number of locatiom following the church’s 1891 founding. Initial purchase of lots on Circle Park Boulevard occurredin 1903; the present structures were built in 1927 and 1941. Three structures, the Main auditorium, the Young Peoples’ Building and the Elementary Building, are united by their … Read more

Boulevard Methodist Episcopal Church – Circle Park

Formed in 1899 from the congregations of Marine and Little Fossil Methodist Churches, Boulevard Methodist Episcopal Church South was first known as North Fort Worth Methodist; the name change occurred in 1907. The present two-story church was constructed in 1927, and is faced in polychrome brick with cast-stone trim. Adjoining the Gothic Revival church are … Read more

Huddleson House – Circle Park

This substantial, one-story bungalow is clad in narrow-milled wood siding and features a gable roof of low nitch with a number of transverse gables. A full porch, supported by brick piers and balustrade, shades the east front and extends north to form a porte-cochere. H. H. and Lena M Huddleston acquired the house in 1937; … Read more