Peacock House – Elizabeth

The Peacock House is a two-story wood-framed house sheathed in smooth stucco painted white, rectangular in plan and capped by a red-tiled hipped roof with soffited eaves. Windows on the ground floor are casements set in round-arched openings; those on the second floor are double-hung and rectangular. The symmetrical front elevation features a central recessed … Read more

Smith House – Elizabeth

The Smith House is two stories and is constructed of hollow tile with white-painted stucco walls. It is rectangular in plan, with glazed green-tiled roof. The long front façade is elegantly composed of balanced elements: projecting end bays and a central pedimented portico surmounted by gabled wall dormer and flanked by Palladian windows. A full … Read more

Steele House – Elizabeth

This house was built in 1917 for Charles H. Steele, vice president of the American National Bank and later an investment broker, who resided here for 25 years. The two-story house is of wood-framed construction with a veneer of fine polychrome red brick trimmed in white cast stone. A staggered plan incorporates a front portico, … Read more

Fuller House – Elizabeth

The Fuller House is a large and picturesque Mediterranean style house, of wood-framed construction, with tan stucco walls and red-tiled hipped roofs. A partially balustraded terrace extends along the house’s front, merging with an arcaded roof-terraced loggia on the side. The arched entry has an elaborate cast stone surround which incorporates an arched second story … Read more

Todd House – Elizabeth

The Todd House is a two-story Georgian Revival dwelling clad in red brick with tiled gabled roof. It has a symmetrical composition consisting of a gabled rectangular block with central semi-circular portico and regularly spaced rectangular windows. A gabled bay with loggia (now enclosed) projects to the east. Designed by Wiley G. Clarkson, the house … Read more

Stewart-Capps House – Elizabeth

The Stewart-Capps House is a two-story wood-framed house clad in white stucco, rectangular in plan with hipped roof. A symmetrical composition consisting of recessed end bays, a central pedimented portico, diminutive in scale, and regularly-spaced shuttered windows. Built in 1917 for Graham P. Stewart, assistant cashier at the Farmers & Mechanics National Bank, it was … Read more

Hart House – Elizabeth

This formally composed two-story residence has a rectangular plan, hipped roof, regularly spaced windows and symmetrical front elevation featuring a central recessed entry with a pedimented Tuscan surround. The roof has soffited eaves, decorative brackets and a veneer of green glazed tile. Walls are clad in red brick, with cast stone trim. Built in 1922 … Read more

Jackson House – Elizabeth

The Jackson House is a two-story gabled Georgian Revival house, symmetrically composed with regularly-spaced double-hung windows and a delicate central portico, gabled and supported by clusters of slender Tuscan columns. The roof has wide eaves and eave returns. Flush chimneys project at the peak of each side elevation. Of wood-framed construction, the house is clad … Read more

Gumm House – Elizabeth

The Gumm House is a two-story brick veneer house, generally rectangular in plan, with interlocking hipped roofs clad in glazed green tile. Eaves are soffited and adorned with carved brackets. A full porch supported by brick piers extends across the front. The house was built in 1919 for Charles C. Gumm, a partner in the … Read more

Coffey-Gholson House – Elizabeth

The Coffey-Gholson House is a large wood-framed structure sheathed in painted brick with red-tiled hipped roofs. In composition, it is a rectangular block with wings projecting to the south and east which are joined by a hipped porch. Delicately mullioned casement windows are grouped in horizontal bands. A massive battered chimney adjoins the entry at … Read more