Beyette-Ballard House – Hillcrest

Construction of this house for C. K. Beyette began in 1912 by C. R., W. C., and J. M. Payne, contractors. In1913, J. J. Ballard, a leader in the ice manufacturing industry, purchased the house and completed it. The two-story Prairie style house is clad in polychrome brick veneer. A one-story porch wraps around the central block of the house and is is supported by square brick piers. The porch roof extends south to cover a glazed sunroom and north to form a porte-cochere. Overhanding boxed eaves above the porch and second floor cast deep shadows on the house. Centered above the porch a balcony with french doors and a dormer window surmounting the slate-clad hipped roof. Remaining in the Ballard family, the house appears little changed since its construction.

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