Byrne House/ Luther House – Byers

A. C. Luther came to Fort Worth from Florida in 1930 to build homes in the exclusive residential project at Westover Hills. He formed a partnership with John E. Byrne as the construction firm of Byrne & Luther, Inc. In 1933, the partners constructed houses on prominent, adjoining hilltop sites overlooking the entrance to Westover Hills; both residences share similarities of siting, scale and style.
A mechanic’s lien identifies the builder and architect of the seven-room Byrne House on the north as Byrne & Luther, Inc. Victor Man Curtis, the architect who worked for Byrne & Luther, Inc. and who designed several Westover Hills residences in the early l930s, was probably responsible for the design of both of these structures. This one-story, painted brick-veneer house has a gable roof and a full, shed-roofed front porch which creates a scaled down version of Mount Vernon. Heavy timber window lintels and an entry with classical surrounds complete the Colonial Revival composition. Gabled wings extend to the rear. Ethel and John E. Byrne resided here until 1937. The house is in good condition, although the south elevation shows a later addition.
The one-story, painted brick-veneer Luther House, on the south, incorporates a full, shed-roofed porch supported by paired boxed columns to create a parallel image of Mount Vernon. The house has seen a number of alterations since Luther sold the property in 1936, including the addition of picture windows on the front elevation, changes in door surrounds, and an addition to the south.

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