Fire Station No. 10 – Lipscomb

This two-story rectangular red brick fire station was designed by the firm of Sanguinet & Staats and built by the Innis-Graham Construction Co. in 1910 at a cost of $10,662.30. It served as Fort Worth’s 10th Ward fire station, and today houses the fire department’s building maintenance department. An orderly composition by a major architectural firm, it appears to be eligible for the National Register. It is virtually identical to Fire Station No. 5 on Bryan Street, designed by the same firm (see 503 Bryan Avenue). The fire department’s building maintenance department vacated the building in 1991. To save it from possible demolition, a coalition of residents from South Hemphill Heights, Jennings-May-St. Louis, Ryan Place and Fairmount neighborhoods formed a nonprofit organization, Friends of Old Fire Station No. 10, in 1992. As funds have become available, rehabilitation work has been conducted on the building. In 2003, CDBG funds originally granted to the J-M-SL neighborhood were used for work on the first floor, including installation of ADA accessible restrooms. Currently (2006), CDBG funds from South Hemphill Heights neighborhood are being used for the installation of air conditioning and heating service. The building is used for neighborhood events, a mentoring program and an annual health fair. It was designated as a City of Fort Worth Historic and Cultural Landmark in 2000 and is still owned by the City. The lower photograph was taken in 2006.

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