Fort Worth Recreation Building – Vickery

The Fort Worth Recreation Building is a gabled red-brick structure, rectangular in plan, with steel-sash windows, some of which have been enclosed by brick. The height of a two-story building, the interior is a high single story. Designed by E. W. Van Slyke & Co., the building was erected by the City of Fort Worth in 1927 to serve as an auditorium and gymnasium for athletics, public meetings and theatrical events. “The Rec” was sold in 1955 and is used presently as a factory and warehouse. The building is currently vacant and for sale (2007). Most of the interior features were removed although the stage and handball courts underneath it remain. It has suffered from neglect and vandalism. The building was designated as Highly Significant Endangered in 1999. The upper photograph was taken in 1983, the lower was taken in 2006.

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