Hanger House – Winton

This large hilltop house, extremely romantic in feeling, consists of interlocking two-story gabled wings with a third-story central belvedere. The southern façade is opened by arcaded loggias and terraces. A one-story wing extends to the north, terminated by a garage addition. Walls are rendered in textured pale buff brick; roofs are clad in Spanish tile. Detailing such as the repeated use of arches and the drop frieze on the front gable is Romanesque Revival. Built c. 1928, this was the residence of William A. Hanger (1869-1944), one of Fort Worth’s most prominent attorneys of the pre-war period. Joining the law firm of William Capps and S. B. Cantey, Sr. soon after the turn of the century, Hanger proved instrumental in the formation of the Northern Texas Traction Co. From 1898 to 1906, he was state senator from Tarrant County, attaining the position of president pro tem of the Senate. Following his death in 1944, his widow continued to reside in the house. For its architectural and historical significance, the property appears to be eligible for the National Register. The Hanger House was designated Demolition Delay in 1996.

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