Hedrick House – Westover

Wyatt C. Hedrick, an engineer, worked with the important Fort Worth architectural firm of Sanguinet & Staats prior to organizing his own architecture and engineering firm, which was responsible for a number of substantial commissions in Fort Worth. From 1923 to 1929, he was vice-president of the Fort Worth Extension Company, the original developer of Westover Hills. His residence, in the Spanish Colonial style, is constructed of hollow tile faced in stucco with a rough, brushed texture. The shallow gable roof is clad in red Spanish tile. The design features a projecting, arched portico of shelistone with pilasters and bracketed balcony above, and arched windows on the first story below small-paned windows and ornamental plasterwork above. Elliott Roosevelt, son of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and his wife, Ruth Googins Roosevelt, are remembered to have resided in the house during the mid- 1940s. Pending additional documentation and assessment of integrity, the structure may qualify for listing on the National Register for its associations with a prominent figure in Fort Worth history.

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