Hughes House – Galveston

The Hughes House is a two-story wood-framed house with rectangular plan and hipped roof, sheathed in narrow horizontal wood siding. A central gabled portico is supported by boxed posts flanked by Tuscan columns framing the entry. Built c. 1910, the house originally had a two-story rear section and one-story gabled wing front. The second story was extended forward to the portico in the 1950s. This was the residence for many years of Roger Hughes (1890-1975), black civic leader and businessman. Hughes was born in 1890 in Lockhart, Texas, and came to Fort Worth as a young man, eventually becoming a millionaire through his sausage and barbecue restaurants and astute real estate investments. He was a prominent Mason and churchman. At the time of his death in 1975, Hughes was still residing in the house. It appears to be eligible for the National Register as the residence of an individual important to black history. It appears that the the house is now covered with siding. The awnings and rear garage shown in the photo are now gone.

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