Puckett Furniture Co./ Nobby Harness Co./ Juvenile Shoe Store/ Solomon’s Shoe Store – 306 Houston Street

306 Houston Street, Puckett Furniture Co./Nobby Harness Co./Juvenile Shoe Store/Solomon’s Shoe Store, c. 1903; c. 1948. This small Mission Revival building was constructed about 1903 and first housed Puckett Furniture Co. Nobby Harness Co. was here from 1917 through the mid-1920s when it moved next door (CBD 80). Juvenile Shoe Store, managed by Julius E. Solomon, opened here about 1935, and is still in business today as Solomon’s Shoe Store. The Moderne “Mother Goose” neon sign and tile storefront date from about 1948 and add a distinctive character to the two-story structure. The original interior, including a pressed metal ceiling and ceiling fans, is also intact.

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