St. Mary’s Parochial School – Jennings

Prior to the completion of this building, first through eighth grade students of St. Mary’s Parochial School met in the Laneri High School building (see 1400 S. Hemphill St.). The new one-story brick and tile school building was designed by Wyatt C. Hedrick and constructed by H. I. Moreland. It sits on a raised basement. The asymmetrical façade features a beautifully detailed stone entrance surround and a curved bay with engaged stone columns and Romanesque decorative brickwork similar to that found on the neighboring St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church (see 501 W. Magnolia Avenue). When completed, the first floor contained five classrooms, an assembly hall, music room and office. The basement contained the kitchen, cafeteria, and restrooms. Later, the lunchroom was partitioned for another classroom. The school closed in 1987. Currently (2007), students from Our Mother of Mercy Catholic School are meeting there while a new school is being constructed for them. It is recommended that the National Register nomination for St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church be amended to include the school building as a contributing resource.

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