Embrey Partners, Ltd. and HFW’s David Burshears- Preservation Achievement Award

Embrey Partners, Ltd. and HFW’s David Burshears for the move of the 1903 Talbott-Wall House from 915 Samuels Avenue to 1102 Samuels Avenue.

HFW is always eager to work with those who want to develop a future for worthy historic buildings. We knew that Embrey Partners, a San Antonio firm, was building apartments on the bluff side of Samuels Avenue’s, Fort Worth’s oldest residential neighborhood, and that they would also be restoring the Garvey-Veihl-Kelley House (1884-1890), a property that was placed on HFW’s 2013 Endangered List. What we did not know was that David Burshears, our board member and XTO Energy’s project manager for its restoration projects, would be working with them to save the 1903 Talbott-Wall House.

Previously, the bluff had been determined eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. This came as a surprise to many, especially Embrey Partners, and it required a more intensive effort to save and restore the historic resources on Samuels Avenue; but especially the prized Talbott-Wall House. HFW added funds to become a partner. House mover H.D. Snow & Son was hired, and the rest is history in slow motion.

HFW 2017 Cantey Lecture & Preservation Awards photographed Thursday, September 21, 2017 at The Fort Worth Community Arts Center. Jacob Shalley, Joseph Murphey, and David Burshears. Photography by Bruce E. Maxwell.

Click on the Photo Below to Watch the Video of the Talbott-Wall House Move

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