Carol and Ray Feyen

Carol and Ray Feyen

Nominated by:          Martin Dahl

Councilmember:         The Honorable Ann Zadeh

The Feyens are recognized for their decades of work on wooden windows, restoration of millwork in historic houses, and their advice to other Fairmount and Ryan Place residents.  Examples of the numerous projects the Feyens have completed follow:

  • Refurbished 77 wooden windows of the Carnes Court Apartments (c. 1918) on Hemphill Street. 
  • Refurbished the front windows at 1701 Fairmount (c 1910),  a major project by Michael McDermott and Stan Tucker
  • Colonnade, plate rail, mantel, stairwell opening showing corbel details and other woodwork recreated by the Feyens to match original. 
HFW Inc. 2019 Preservation Awards & Cantey Lecture photographed Thursday, September 26, 2019 . Michael Tucker-McDermott stepping in for the Feyens and Brenda Sanders-Wise. Photography by Bruce E. Maxwell.

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