Historic Star-Telegram Building

Historic Star-Telegram Building, 400 W. 7th Street

To serve as the new home of his Star Telegram newspaper, Amon Carter considered the 1921 completion of his four-story building at 400 West 7th Street in downtown Fort Worth a fulfilled dream. Over the years, the building was “modernized,” and while the shape of the building remained intact, many details of its style were lost. It was the owner’s passion to preserve and revitalize downtown Fort Worth, evident in the recently completed rehabilitation that began in 2011. Careful study of both the original construction plans from 1919 and photos from the 1920s helped to bring back the old details, using new materials and techniques to closely recreate the original design. The interior work included re-establishing the 2nd floor as executive offices, restoring the still intact office and conference room of Amon Carter, and reintroducing the adjoining executive suites that had been lost. On the exterior, the modified portions of the building were stripped bare, and the stone walls and granite base for the double-volume first floor were recreate


HFW 2015 Cantey Lecture & Preservation Awards photographed Thursday, September 24, 2015 at The Fort Worth Community Arts Center. Photography by Bruce E. Maxwell.