Arlington Heights Masonic Lodge No. 1184 – Camp Bowie

This masonic temple, constructed by Arlington Heights Lodge No. 1184, is set on angle on its triangular corner lot. The lodge received its charter on December 9, 1921, and the cornerstone was laid May 23, 1922 in the fast-developing Arlington Heights district. Architect Jack C. Davies and contractor Walter L. Cox were responsible for the … Read more

Crystal Ice Company – Dexter

This brick structure served as an ice factory for commercial and local domestic use in the days before refrigerators. Leased by the Arlington Heights Ice Co., the Crystal Ice Co. was operated for over fifty years by the Maddox family. During the 1940s the building also was the first of the Iceteria Food Store chain. … Read more

Neal-Gorman House – Pershing

W. P. Neal recorded a mechanic’s lien for a dwelling house on this property in 1922, the day after Mrs. Maude Neal, widow of Edgar Neal, had purchased the property. Jessie J. and Maude Neal Gorman resided in the house from about 1923; Gorman was employed by the Southwestern Land Co. The large, two-story frame … Read more

4730 Pershing AVE – Pershing

It has been suggested that this structure is one of the few existing military buildings from Camp Bowie, yet this remains unconfirmed. The simple, rectangular plan under a long gable roof features a shed-roofed full front porch supported by boxed posts. Clad in narrow-milled wood siding, the building has an early addition enclosing the east … Read more

Arlington Heights Public School – Pershing

Probably constructed in 1896 or 1897 on rented property, this was the first school house in the Arlington Heights subdivision. The one room schoolhouse was enlarged to three rooms probably soon after initial construction; William Cameron’s building company is listed in school records as responsible for a number of alterations. The red brick structure, composed … Read more

Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. Office and Exchange No.7 – Pershing

This telephone exchange was originally constructed in 1930 as a one-story building clad in light yellow brick with Modeme terra cotta spandrel panels and portico. The general contracting firm of William Southwell, Inc., is named in telephone company records as responsible for construction and design. Two fairly sympathetic additions to the rectangular block have occurred … Read more

Allison House – Pershing

Michael C. Allison, in real estate and loans, purchased nine adjoining lots fronting on Pershing Avenue from Francis L. White in 1906, although city directories indicate that he resided in Arlington Heights as early as 1896-97. In 1902, Allison was the agent for Inter-State Investment Co., the firm that attempted to continue the development of … Read more

Mason-Stegall House – Ridglea

Well suited to its corner site, this irregular V-plan house has receding wings which enclose a garden to the rear. The dwelling is a successful combination of Colonial Revival and Ranch styles. A one and one-half story saltbox, clad in shingles, the house features a framed overhang with pendants to form a cutaway entry porch. … Read more

Arlington Heights Senior High School – Rosedale

This large school opened for the 1937 fall term. Funded by the W.P.A. at a cost of $333,000, the school was designed by the local architect Preston M. Geren; contracting work was completed by Butcher and Sweeney. The red brick Georgian Revival structure is a symmetrical composition of a central three-story gable roofed block flanked … Read more