Bewley-Ellison House – Summit

147 1301 Summit Avenue [NR*/BSHD], Bewley-Ellison House, c. 1915; 1991. This house was built for Edwin E. Bewley, president and general manager of Bewley Mills (see CBD 74). Mr. Bewley, who assumed management of the mill after his father’s death in 1906, was also involved in banking and civic affairs. Beginning in 1929, the house was occupied by Margaret and Robert Ellison. Ellison was the son of I. E. Ellison, founder of Ellison Furniture and Carpet Co. (see CBD 19 and 131), and his parents’ larger and more opulent home once stood across the street on the other side of Summit Ave. Robert Ellison managed the family business from 1916 until his death in 1933. Margaret Ellison lived here for a number of years after her husband died, but in 1946 the property was sold and converted for use as offices for an insurance company. The two-story brick house, now painted, has a recessed porch supported by two monumental concrete columns. The current property owner has undertaken a renovation of the structure, planning to restore much of its historic character. Aubrey Group, Inc. is the general contractor for the project. The Bewley-Ellison house is potentially eligible for the National Register of Historic Places on an individual basis and is also a contributor to the potential Ballinger Street Historic District. The property was demolished on March 31, 2006 but the resource remains for research purposes.

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