Crestwood Place Apartments – White Settlement

Crestwood Place Apartments opened June 30, 1940. The complex featured nine apartment blocks grouped in a U -pattern around a landscaped courtyard off White Settlement Road. Architects Joseph J. Patterson and J. E. Teague designed the project; Loffland and Luther Construction Co. were the contractors. According to J. T. Luther, the project was one of the first construction projects to be built using Title 6 funds. These funds provided support for developments that contributed to the housing supply needed for the rapidly expanding defense industry just prior to World War II. The arrangement and Georgian Revival style of the red brick apartment structures successfully recreate the sense of colonial houses or collegiate buildings clustered around a central green or commons. Additional construction, mostly on the perimeter of the property and sensitive to the original, occurred in 1980 and 1985. The complex may be eligible for the National Register upon attainment of fifty years of age.

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