Ellison Furniture and Carpet Co. Warehouse/ Tindall Record Storage Warehouse – 505 Pecan Street

505 Pecan Street [CFW/NR/EWHD(NR)], Ellison Furniture and Carpet Co. Warehouses/Tindall Record Storage Warehouses, c. 1911.  Founded in 1888 as Maddox, Ellison & Co., the Fort Worth furniture firm became Ellison Furniture and Carpet Co. in 1905 when partner ‘IB. Ellison acquired a majority interest in the company.  Ellison’s built this complex of three connected brick warehouses about 1911 next to the company’s mattress factory.  The old mattress factory burned in 1913, and another one (CBD 19) was constructed across the street from this warehouse complex that same year.  Standing next to the railroad tracks on the eastern edge of Fort Worth’s central business district, this warehouse complex is a reminder of Fort Worth’s prowess as a rail and shipping center in the early years of the twentieth century.  The Ellison Warehouses have been designated as a City 1991 photograph of Fort Worth Landmark, and the complex appears to be eligible for the National Register.  It is also a contributor to the proposed Ellison’s Warehouse National Register Historic District.

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