Fair Building Garage/Service Life Center Parking Garage – Throckmorton

154 800 Block Throckmorton Street, Fair Building Garage/Service Life Center Parking Garage, 1950-51; 1982. Jesse H. Jones, a prominent Houston banker and developer responsible for the adjacent Fair Building (CBD 27) as well as other properties in Fort Worth, built this garage in 1950-51 to provide parking for Fair Building tenants. Parking garages were constructed in increasing numbers in cities across America in response to the deluge of automobiles in the years following World War II. Butcher & Sweeney were the general contractors for the project which was planned to provide space for 750 automobiles. The garage was constructed of reinforced concrete with a stucco finish. Service Life Insurance Co. acquired both the Fair Building and the parking garage in 1964 and renamed both for their company. Seaborg, Inc. purchased an interest in the property in 1981 and shortly thereafter undertook a major renovation of the garage facility. At that time the metal-sash windows and the Service Life neon sign were removed.

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