Farrington Field – University

Farrington Field, the public high school stadium, was constructed in 1938-1939 on a 38-acre site near Van Zandt School (1112 North University). A Depression relief project which was expected to employ 400-500 workers, the stadium was funded by the Fort Worth Independent School District and the Works Progress Administration at a cost of $244,000. The stadium was named in memory of E. S. Farrington, a longtime superintendent of school system athletics. Preston M. Geren was the consulting architect in conjunction with the school district staff; General Construction Co. of Fort Worth was the contracting firm. Seating 20,000, two grandstands of reinforced concrete in open pier construction flank a football field and track. The west grandstand facade, fronting on University Drive (then called Burleson Street), features a monumental central bay of fluted piers, star capitals and bas-relief panels of athletic figures by Fort Worth artist Evaline Sellors flanking the central inscription, “Farrington Field, Fort Worth Public School Stadium.” Press boxes are centered atop each grandstand; the eastern press box has been remodeled. A lighting system for night games was installed at the time of construction. The Classical Modem styling of the west facade is carried out in the fluted piers encircling the fenced grounds and the ticket booths facing W. Lancaster Avenue. Farrington Field appears eligible for the National Register.

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