Gorman-McDonald House – 1416 E. Eighteenth Street

1416 E. Eighteenth Street [EEHD], Gorman-McDonald House, c. 1902. This turn-of-the-century folk house appears to be an amalgam of a rectangular gabled house and a square hip-roofed house.  It is distinguished by a dignified gallery-like front porch which runs along its front.  The property was purchased by saloon owner David Gorman from real estate developer Judge W. Chambers in 1902.  Gorman lived here until 1906 when Benjamin H. McDonald, vice president of McDaniel Brothers Bottling Co., acquired the property.  The McDonald family occupied the house until 1929.  In poor condition, the house is in need of maintenance.  It is a contributor to the proposed East Eighteenth Street Historic District.

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