Group of Three Duplex Houses – Magnolia

This cluster of three duplex rental houses is located on a corner site next to railroad tracks. The land was purchased in 1929 by William C. Guffey, secretary-treasurer of Hawes Coal Co. In January, 1930, he and contractor A. Gunters applied to the city to build four three-room houses on Magnolia Avenue, at a cost of $300 each. The plat map on the county tax assessor’s abstract indicates four detached structures, presumably with shotgun plans. These have since been connected at the rear to create a pair of duplexes. A pre-existing house on Arizona Avenue was also connected to a newer structure (for which there is no building permit) to create the third duplex in the cluster. With more precise documentation, the group may be eligible for the National Register upon the attainment of 50 years of age as examples of workers’ residences which incorporate traditional folk-house plans.
These resources have been demolished.

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