McKee-Roeser-Kimbell House – Westover

One of the first houses in Westover Hills, this prominent house was built for Lloyd H. and Helen McKee. The residence is located on a bluff-top site at the end of Westover Road, initially named Lloyd Drive for its owner, who was president of the Fort Worth Extension Company, the original developer of Westover Hills. McKee was president of Waples-Platter Grocery Co., a large food processing finn; he is credited with the introduction of the popular “Ranch Style Beans” product in 1934. Charles F. Roeser owned the house from 1935 to 1950; he was head of the Independent Board of Continental National Bank and president of Roeser and Pendleton Inc., national gasoline manufacturers. Roeser was one of the first three commissioners of Westover Hills when the town incorporated in 1937. From 1950 to 1984, the residence was the home of Fort Worth grain magnate and patron of the arts, Kay Kimbell and his wife, Velma. The Tudor Revival style residence was designed by architects Jamieson & Spearl of Kansas City, Missouri; Fort Worth architect Wyatt C. Hedrick supervised construction by the Thomas S. Byrne contracting firm. The extremely large, two-story house has an irregular, picturesque composition, formed by the juxtaposition of a number of slate-roofed, gabled bays and wings. The red brick structure features bands of arched and rectangular windows with dressed limestone trim and applied half-timbering in the gable ends. A large garage and servants’ quarters, of identical materials and style, is located to the east end of the house. The house is eligible for the National Register on the basis of its associations with several leading Fort Worth families and as an architectural design.

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