Nash Hardware Co./ Allied Electronics Warehouse – 401 E. Eighth Street

401 E. Eighth Street [NR*/WSHD(NR)], Nash Hardware Co./Allied Electronics Warehouse, 1910.  Nash Hardware, dealers in hardware, stoves, blacksmith and tinner’s supplies, household furnishings, and sporting goods constructed this building on the eastern edge of the central business district in 1910.  The firm was a pioneer institution.  Z.E.B. Nash and his son Charles came to Fort Worth in 1872-73 and established a tinner’s shop that also sold water well supplies.  During slow periods the tinners produced household goods, providing stock for what eventually became Nash Hardware.  The firm operated at this location from 1910 until 1967.  Nash Elementary School (CBD 134) is named for Charles E. Nash.

The four-story brick structure now serves as a warehouse facility for Allied Electronics.  Generally utilitarian in its detailing, the building has unusual brickwork on the first two stories–a recessed course repeated every fifth course that gives the impression of rusticated stonework.  The building’s original windows have either been boarded over or replaced with single pane fixed windows.  With restoration, the building could be eligible for the National Register.  It is also a contributor to the potential Warehouse South National Register Historic District.

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