Nave House – Dallas

The earliest recorded owner of this house was Benjamin B. Brown, who sold it in 1912 to Mrs. Lou R. Nave. Mrs. Nave, a dressmaker, is first listed at this address in the 1909-10 city directory. She lived her with her son, Royston Nave, a portrait painter who later became an important Texas artist. The Nave Museum in Victoria, Texas houses many of his works. The Naves sold the house in 1913 to Lena M. Barham. Neffie Muse moved into the house during the late 1930s and purchased it in 1945. The house may have been renovated during this period, but no specific documentation is available. Her son, Jack Muse, a well- known Fort Worth artist, became the owner in 1950. This quaint one and one-half story cottage is covered in rough shingles with a random course sandstone front wing and chimney. The steep intersecting gable roofs give the house a picturesque profile. Wrought iron door hinges and the small diamond paned casement windows enhance the house’s small-scale medieval feeling.

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