Pollock-Capps House – 1120 Penn Street

1120 Penn Street [NR/RTHL/CFW], Pollock-Capps House, 1898-99; c. 1910; 1974.  Built just before the Eddleman- McFarland House (CBD 132), the PollockCapps House was constructed for Dr. Joseph R. Pollock, a homeopathic physician.  Its design has been attributed to architect Howard Messer, who was responsible for the Eddleman-McFarland House.  In 1910 the property was sold to William Capps, an attorney, real estate developer, and newspaper publisher.  Capps remodeled the house to some degree, removing Victorian ornamentation, enclosing a sleeping porch, and adding two rooms to the back of the house.  The Capps daughter, Mattie Mae Capps Anderson, and her husband Frank M. Anderson occupied the house beginning in 1913.  Mrs. Anderson died in 1963, but Frank Anderson lived here until the house was sold to Historic Fort Worth, Inc. in 1971.  Architect Robert W. Chambers purchased the house from Historic Fort Worth, Inc. in 1974 with a commitment to undertake a sensitive renovation of the property.  The front porch was reconstructed, other exterior elements rehabilitated, and the interior adapted for use as office space at that time.

The two-story red brick and limestone Queen Anne house has the irregular, picturesque massing common to the style.  The red and gray slate roof with copper cresting and a hexagonal corner tower with a pointed roof enliven the building’s design.  Along with the Eddleman-McFarland House, the Pollock-Capps House has a prominent presence on the bluff overlooking the Trinity River.  It is one of Fort Worth’s landmark Victorian residences.  The Pollock-Capps House was listed on the National Register in 1972 and designated as a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark in 1977.  It is also a City of Fort Worth landmark.

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