Ridglea Country Club – Bernie Anderson

Ridglea Country Club, originally known as Western Hills Country Club of Ridglea, was constructed in 1954 on a 140 acre site that formerly had been a municipal golf course. The club was built by the Ridglea-Western Hills Group which consisted of A. C. Luther, Luther Wilson, Hank S. Green, William T. Green, E. M. Moore, A. R. Clark, and A. B. Canning. A. C. Luther was the first president of the club, which was one of his many Ridglea area developments (see 6008-38 Camp Bowie Boulevard). The rambling, one-story clubhouse was designed by architect Burton A. Schutt of Los Angeles, known for his club and resort plans, and Charles E. Armstrong and Jack Schutts of Fort Worth. Luther’s own contracting firm is credited with construction. The modem structure incorporates natural materials into the landscaped setting. Faced in rough stone veneer, the structure features a port-cochere entry originally enhanced by tropical plantings. The spacious, rolling expanse of property was enclosed by the construction of a fence in 1984.

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