Santa Fe Freight Station – 1401 Jones Street

1401 Jones Street, Santa Fe Freight Station, 1938.  Constructed in 1938 as part of a series of improvements undertaken by the Fort Worth Union Passenger Station Co. and the Santa Fe Railroad, this freight depot housed inbound and outbound freight, cold storage for perishable freight, and offices.  Located just to the north of what was then called the Fort Worth Union Depot (CBD 104; now referred to as the Santa Fe Depot), the two-story reinforced concrete and polychrome brick structure was constructed by Fort Worth contractors Quisle & Andrews.  Although the building’s design is generally utilitarian, the facade is enlivened by decorative brickwork, a stone-capped stepped parapet, and the large Santa Fe sign on the northern end of the building.  The structure complements the old Santa Fe Depot next door and is a tangible link between Fort Worth’s railroad past and present.

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