Slack-Arnold-Durham House – 9th

This one and one-half-story house is constructed of rusticated concrete block on the ground level. The gabled second story is wood-framed with stuccoed end-walls and a large gambreled side dormer. Detailing includes cast stone window surrounds and a pair of unusual hooded oval windows. The first recorded owner was Thomas W. Slack, a bank cashier and later executive with several financial firms. The Arnold family owned the house from 1920 to 1938, since which time the Durham family has lived here. The present owners say the house was built c. 1900. With more precise documentation, the house may be eligible for the National Register for its architectural merits, particularly as an early example of concrete block construction. The Slack-Arnold-Durham House was designated Demolition Delay in 1995. It is a contributing resource in the Eighth Avenue Historic District (national), listed in 2006 and now boosts a beige color scheme. The photo was taken in 2007.

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