Three Railroad Bridges – Samuels

These three railroad bridges cross the Trinity River east of Samuels Ave. and just south of Twenty-third St. Four lines, the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railroad; the Fort Worth & Denver City Railway; the Missouri Kansas and Texas (this line later belonged to the St. Louis Southwestern, the Cotton Belt Route); and the Chicago, Rock Island and Texas Railway had track here – the MKT and the Fort Worth & Denver City tracks joined to cross on the center bridge. The land on which these two lines lay was owned at one time by the Fort Worth Stock Yards Co. Probably constructed at the turn-of-the-century just before or as the Armour and Swift plants were built up, these steel truss bridges facilitated rail service to the packing plants. The bridges now lie on lines that belong to the Santa Fe, Burlington Northern, and Union Pacific railroads. They are tangible links with the extensive railroad activity in Fort Worth during the early twentieth century, and are good examples of an earlier engineering technology.

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