Turner & Dingee – 800 W. Seventh Street

 800 W Seventh Street, Turner & Dingee, 1925.  The forerunner of Turner & Dingee grocery was Turner & McClure which was opened on Houston St. in downtown Fort Worth in 1878 by J.K. Turner and John D. McClure.  Arthur S. Dingee, a Canadian, arrived in Fort Worth in 1886. After a stint as cashier at the grocery, he bought out McClure, and the firm Turner & Dingee was established.  Lloyd Hallaran, who went to work for Turner & Dingee as a delivery boy in 1916, worked his way up in the firm and in the mid-1920s bought an interest in the grocery.  Hallaran ran this W. Seventh St. store, which opened in 1925, eventually becoming sole owner.

The one and one-half story red brick building had a five bay storefront.  Corner piers penetrated the mansard roof which was broken by windowed gables.  Turner & Dingee was noted for its home delivery service, lunchtime sandwiches, and distinctive merchandise.  The store closed in 1984 when Lloyd Hallaran died.  The building was demolished in 1989, and the property sold for parking. Some of the building’s decorative elements including the doors, windows, and the Turner & Dingee sign were saved with the hope that the building could be reconstructed on another site.  This listing is retained in the survey for documentary purposes.

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