Winfield Garage and Livery Co./ Winfield Place – S.W. Corner of Calhoun and E. Eighth Streets

S.W. Corner of Calhoun and E. Eighth Streets, Winfield Garage and Livery Co./ Winfield Place, 1919-20; 1939; 1981.  As plans progressed for the Winfield Hotel (renamed the Hotel Texas y the time it opened in 1921; CBD-122), one block to the east three businessmen were planning to serve Fort Worth’s growing need for automobile parking and the increase in business expected when the hotel opened.  J.L. Johnson, Arthur Woodard, and Earle M. North hired Sanguinet and Staats to design the three-story building which was constructed of “poured in place” concrete with a brick facade and multi-paned metal-frame windows.  W.C. Hedrick Construction Co. was the general contractor for the building.  The facility, which had a storage capacity of 325 cars, also contained an automobile livery service consisting of 25 Cadillac cars and limousines, wash racks equipped to clean five cars at one time, and a car elevator which is still in place.  In April, 1920, Fort Worth’s First Annual Spring Automobile Show was held at the Winfield Garage, with almost 70 car, truck, and automobile accessory dealers participating.

In 1939 a roof and walls, constructed by Thomas S. Byrne, Inc. general contractors, were added to the top of the structure providing a fourth floor.  This concrete block addition was removed during the 1981 renovation of the building.  Used as a parking garage, headquarters for cab companies, and automotive supply store through the years, the property was purchased in 1979 with plans to rehabilitate the building for use as offices and a restaurant.  Plans were drawn up by the architectural firm of Jackson & Ayres with Love, Friberg & Associates, Inc. serving as mechanical and electrical engineers and Ray and Engler as structural engineers.  Jon Pierce, Inc. was the general contractor.  The renovation of the building involved the installation of new double-glazed bronze-tinted windows.  In its original condition the building might have been eligible for the National Register as an early example of the enclosed parking garage in Fort Worth.

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