The Dickson-Jenkins Lofts & Plaza and The Dickson-Jenkins Lofts & Shops-Preservation Project Award

Eddie Vanston and Tom Reynolds for the Dickson-Jenkins Lofts & Plaza, formerly the Branch-Smith Building. 

The Dickson-Jenkins Lofts & Plaza and the Dickson-Jenkins Lofts & Shops were built in 1926.  Originally, this warehouse building was a factory for the Dickson-Jenkins Manufacturing Co.., makers of farm clothing and apparel.  Sometime in the 1960’s the building was acquired by Branch-Smith Printing, which remained on the property until a few years ago.

The lead developer of this project is no stranger to restoration.  For 20 years Eddie Vanston has taken forgotten buildings and turned them into bustling places to live and work, like the Markeen Apartments, the historic buildings in the Leuda May Historic District, the Sawyer Grocery Store  Building, the Fort Worth Warehouse and Transfer Building (now the Supreme Golf Warehouse), The LaSalle Apartments and the Miller Lofts.

The Dickson-Jenkins Lofts & Plaza and the Dickson-Jenkins Lofts & Shops consist of two distinctly different buildings, a three-story warehouse building and a one story, L-shaped building.  The top two floors of the warehouse building are finished for residential lofts, and the ground floor is available for commercial businesses.  The warehouse lofts include huge windows, custom cabinetry, granite counter tops, jetted tubs, industrial lighting, concrete floors, exposed ceilings and terrific views of Fort Worth!

The one story L-shaped building is primarily for retail space, and its first tenant is the beloved Record Town, relocated by Tom Reynolds from University Drive.  the courtyard created by the L-shaped building functions as a park with trees and walkways, and it will include a signature mural by local artist Brad Smith.

HFW 2018 Preservation Awards and Cantey Lecture Series photographed Thursday, September 13, 2018 at the FW Community Arts Center.
Photography by Bruce E. Maxwell.

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