Jacob Luskey Dry Goods – 113 Houston Street

113 Houston Street, Commercial Building/Jacob Luskey Dry Goods, c. 1890s.  Like its neighbor to the north (CBD 78), this building’s early history is unclear.  Although it was probably constructed during the 1890s, the first firm listed in city directories at this location is the National Coffee Co., which operated from this building between about 1903 and 1908. For one year, 1906, it also occupied space in the building next door.  A furniture store, hardware company, and salvage company were located here between 1910 and 1916.  Adolph Engler ran a clothing store here between 1917 until 1928 when he purchased 111 Houston St. and moved his store to that location.  Jacob Luskey bought the building, operating his dry goods firm here, in 1932.  Known as Luskey’s Western Store in later years, it was located here until about 1964.  Although the ground floor of this two-story brick structure has been altered, the second story retains its flat-arch windows with stone lintels and sills.  In 1991 the building was used as a law office.

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