Dulaney House – Elizabeth

Situated on a conspicuous corner lot at the east end of Elizabeth Blvd., this is one of the most imposing residences on a street celebrated for large, elaborate houses. It is a two-story masonry pile veneered in fine pale brown brick, rectangular in plan with lustrous green-tiled hipped roof. The symmetrical front elevation has projecting … Read more

Couch-Sanders House – Elizabeth

1021 Elizabeth Boulevard, Couch-Sanders House, c. 1914. The large two-story brick Couch-Sanders House is rectangular in plan with a hipped roof and full porch. A central gabled portico with arched entry flanked by engaged Tuscan columns is visually reinforced by a massive Missionesque dormer. The front terrace extends to the east side of the house … Read more

Long House – Elizabeth

This large two-story house is rectangular in plan and has a glazed green-tiled hipped roof. Walls are red brick over hollow tile. Rectangular bays project from the sides and rear. A full roof-terraced porch and terrace with cast stone balustrade extends across the front. The house was built for Andrew Jackson Long, a prominent Fort … Read more

Chase-Meacham House – Elizabeth

The Chase-Meacham House is two stories and clad in white glazed brick. It is rectangular in plan with a glazed green-tiled hipped roof. Situated on a corner lot, a terrace wraps around the two principal façades, covered by a full porch with Ionic columns along the front. High end piers on the porch have friezes … Read more

Ross house – Elizabeth

This large two-story wood-framed house is generally rectangular in plan, with a veneer of ochre brick and gabled roof. Situated on a corner lot, a gabled porte-cochere projects from the principal side façade, surmounted by a trellised balcony, now enclosed. A gabled portico projects from the front. The house was built c. 1911 for Elizabeth … Read more

North-Short House – Elizabeth

This two-story brick house has a red-tiled hipped roof. An end bay projects forward very slightly, containing an entry with cast stone surround, balanced visually by a one-story conservatory at the other end of the front terrace. The house was built in 1919 for Earle M. North, president of the Webb-North Buick Co. and vice … Read more

Armstrong House – Elizabeth

The Armstrong House is a large two-story gabled house, rectangular in plan, with brick walls on the ground level and half-timbered stucco above. Elevated gabled rooms project from each side, with a loggia and porte-cochere at the ground level. The brick has been painted. The lot was purchased in the fall of 1912 by Zeno … Read more

Fry House – Elizabeth

Built in 1911, this two-story brick and shingle house was the first residence built on Elizabeth Blvd. The hipped roof and long horizontal porch evoke the Prairie Style. The original owner was Whitford T. Fry, a merchandise broker. The Fry House is a contributing resource in the Elizabeth Boulevard Historic District (local and national).

Williams House – Elizabeth

The Williams House is a two-story brick dwelling with green-tiled bracketed hipped roof, full front porch and side porte-cochere. A cast stone balustrade is set between the brick piers of the porch. The application of white paint to the brick has compromised the architectural significance of a handsomely designed residence. It was built in 1919 … Read more

Clark House – Elizabeth

The Clark House is a two-story brick structure with hipped roof, full porch (partially enclosed) and a side porte-cochere. This was one of the first houses built on Elizabeth Blvd. It was designed in 1912 by a little-known architect and civil engineer named Boudinot G. Leake for Hugh C. Ford, and sold soon after to … Read more